The Crown (by Sarynakey)

The Crown is proud to introduce a molecular algorithm that has combined science and Israeli creativity to produce this groundbreaking treatment series for long-term hair repair.

Presenting hair stylists with a whole new series of ground-breaking repair and smoothing hair treatments unparalleled in their ability to smooth hair, make it more elastic, and give it natural shine. All the products in the series have a lightweight texture and are completely safe for both the hair stylist and client. They have been approved by the Ministry of Health, and, most importantly, they are much more effective than any previous hair care product in their category. This was our vision, and this is what we have realised with The Crown products.

The Brief

La Tienda had only previously achieved it's customer base through word-of-mouth, which for a time worked. However, they now needed to increase their audience-base to ensure a continuous growth in revenue.

With Uneek Media's guidance, we created a promo video that captured the culture of the customers, highlighted the products available as well as the friendly nature of this authentic Latin American bodega.

The Result


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