Passyunk Avenue (Westfields)

Authentic Philly cheesesteaks, hoagies and more. Experience the City of Brotherly Love in the heart of London.

Passyunk Avenue provides a taste of Philadelphia and in doing so has earned a reputation of serving up the best regional American cuisine in Europe.


Headlined by the legendary Cheesesteak sandwich, a hunger attacking combination of prime ribeye steak, cheese and onions, Passyunk seeks to share a glimpse into Philadelphia culture through its innovative and authentic range of Italian-American dishes that celebrate with the City’s immigrant heritage.

Passyunk logo-1.jpeg

The Brief

Having opened their new location in Westfields (Stratford, London), Passyunk Avenue needed a 'hero video' to entice customers to come and try out their unique food offering.

The video was to be short, punchy and cause the viewers to get hungry for that Philly-Food!

The Result