Home Run House (MLB UK)

Their specialty is “Big League Batting Cages” and their custom software enables you to step up to the plate in Major League baseball stadiums across America and experience the thrill of hitting baseballs in real game scenarios.

Developed by the American hospitality innovators behind Passyunk Avenue and delivered in collaboration with Major League Baseball and Budweiser, Home Run House, through it’s exhilarating customer experiences, is designed to tell the story of how baseball has become such a transcendent part of American culture.

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The Brief

Home Run House needed to raise the awareness and profile of baseball in the UK, and London specifically, in order to encourage people to want to discover the sport and culture of the uniquely American game.

They teamed up with us to achieve the result of capturing the fun of the sport, the ease of use of the cages and the end-to-end experience of a game day in baseball, authentically American, in London.

The Result