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A collaboration of cross-culture unity

Jenerouz Skillz

There's an new innovative hip hop project, and 1st of it's kind coming to formation. The project is called "Jenerouz Skillz" and one of it's aims is to bring closer artists from the secular and non-secular backgrounds in Israel, representing many communities and also languages, for the most part Hebrew and English. The project's architect, Nathan Malitz (aka Controverse), who originally hails from the US, formed the concept for this cross-cultural venture with strong emphasis on common ground, personal exchange and unity  between artists that on a regular day-to-day basis may not run in to each other.

Sagol 59 (Khen Rotem), a Jerusalem based rapper and veteran of the Israeli hip hop scene for many years is also aiding Nathan in this project. His background and experience will be key in involving the secular rappers from the hip hop scene that mainly rap in Hebrew, whilst Nathan will be the key figure for the non-secular rappers. Many of the more religious rappers are mainly ex-pat Americans, who have made Alliya (immigration) to Israel, and also reside in Jerusalem for the most part.

The project is also being backed by Uneek Media, a production label that mainly deals with music production, marketing and web-distribution. The project will be mainly recorded and produced in Israel, but some artists that are outside of the country will be recorded in the US.

To all of you who are interested in this project and would like to receive updates, please let us know.