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Jenerous Skillz

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Uneek Media and Corner Prophets are proud to present Jenerous Skillz, a unique cultural / musical project, the first of its kind, bringing together for the first time Israeli and Jewish rappers from all over the world.

You can download for free at this link:
The album was recorded in Tel Aviv and New York, and features exclusive collaborations between a variety of leading Jewish M.Cs. As tension between different factions within Israeli society is reaching new heights, Jenerous Skillz proves, in 60 minutes of original, hard-hitting, uncompromising hip hop, that we have more in common than we acknowledge.
The album was produced by Controverse, a promising young beatmaker from New York, while Max Schroeter and Khen Rotem (Sagol 59) acted as executive producers. At the request of some participants, no work on the project was done on Sabbath.
The project features:

Adi Abraham, MC Ayatollah, Benyomen, Big J, Lefty, MC Theory, Mic G, New Voice, OBD, Sagol 59, Shiroto, Tamir ‘Stepper’ Kehati, Vokcal, Vulkan, Uneek, Controverse.

Press release material can be downloaded at the following links:

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For Hebrew click here